REPS Educational Training Courses


The Altitude Centre Ireland is committed to research, training and education. All our trainers undergo the REPS accredited Altitude Training Courses. The Altitude Centre have developed 2 training courses in conjunction with London Southbank University that is now offered in Ireland.

Both courses have a theory element which is then followed by a practical session.

Hypoxia Seminar

The hypoxia seminar is designed for sports trainers or physiotherapists who want to learn more about simulated altitude training. The course also acts as a pre requisite to the full day lecture below:

• Level 3
• 4 CPD points
• Duration: 3 hours



Hypoxia Lecture

The hypoxia lecture is designed for those who have already completed the hypoxia seminar or who have a physiology qualification and display a general good understanding of altitude training. The theory session goes into greater physiological detail with extra information on research findings. Practical session covers greater detail on the application of altitude training:

• Level 2
• 6 CPD points
• Duration: 8 hours