Hypoxic Workout


Hypoxic Exercise sessions are unique in the way that they accelerate performance and burn extra calories. Due to the lower oxygen levels available, a hypoxic workout is more challenging than in normal room or air oxygen conditions. A greater fitness stimulus can be achieved with less work.


Oxygen is the limiting factor in sports performance. When insufficient oxygen is delivered to the muscles, the body strives to adapt. Hypoxic Training improves oxygen delivery and utilization at all levels without overloading your system. The result being you'll feel less fatigued and will recover quicker, which means you can increase your training intensity and move up a gear.

The benefits of Hypoxic Exercise workouts include:

  • Improve Vo2 max and increase time to exhaustion
  • Improve Repeated Sprint Ability Performance in field sport players
  • Improved muscle hypertrophy, strength, power and anabolic response following resistance training workouts
  • Maintain fitness and optimal body-weight while injured by doing unloaded cross training during rehabilitation
  • Enhance acclimatisation to high altitude for a training camp, competition or challenge

As well as individual athletes, many field sport teams are now including hypoxic training workouts into their pre-season program for extra physiological conditioning.

We recommend 2-3 Hypoxic sessions per week to supplement your standard training programme
If you are competing at altitude the more hypoxic sessions you do, the better
If you are injured or want to have unloaded training sessions, then hypoxic workouts are key to this.


Most climbers do not race up a mountain so hypoxic workouts are not necessary for mountaineering. We would recommend the passive IHE sessions for general acclimatisation.

Hypoxic workouts can be used to supplement an acclimatisation programme to keep your training interesting, in this instance we would recommend 2 or 3 sessions per week, alternated by passive IHE sessions.


Oxygen is essential for human life. Hypoxic workouts train your system to increase the carrying capacity of oxygen within your body. For general health issues we would recommend passive IHE sessions, but if you would like to add exercise to your training the hypoxic workouts give you that double effect.

  • Great for weight loss as it increases metabolism and fat burning, while also increasing leptin hormone levels which control¬†appetite.
  • Great if you are not able to exercise freely due to joint problem. Unloaded sessions (bike or upper body workouts) will provide a high cardiovascular stimulus with less joint stress.