Maintain your wellbeing

Altitude training is a form of adaptive medicine that can be used to assist with a variety of conditions.

Improving your Oxygen efficiency is scientifically proven to assist medical conditions as well as helping you to lose weight. General well-being and skin rejuvenation is also improved. It can also be used during rehabilitation for injury or post-surgery.


Option 1 IHE Course (passive Breathing): €299

A 15 day course of IHE (Intermittent Hypoxic Exposure) is enough to improve your physiology, cardiovascular health, metabolism as well as improving skin vitality and radiance.

The benefits can be expected to last for up to 3 months and are subsequently maintained with 5-day top up courses, or as required.


Option 2 Injury Rehabilitation Sessions: from €20

Hypoxic exercise sessions are scientifically proven to accelerate fitness and enhance weight-loss. If you are injured, recovering from surgery, or have other chronic health conditions that restrict exercise, hypoxic training sessions can help you maintain cardiovascular fitness and physical condition while recovering.

Mobile training sessions: (Available in Dublin and the Greater Leinster area)

Individual Training Sessions
Supervised exercise sessions with our Altitude Trainer- €£65
Block booked package of 5 sessions - €40 per session

Group Training Sessions (Max 4 people)
Ad hoc sessions - €120 an hour
Block booking of 6 sessions*  - €100 an hour



If you would prefer to train from home please visit our Rent page