Maximise Your Performance

Altitude training is ideal preparation for maximising your personal performance. We can increase your endurance, speed and improve your recovery. We can also assist in rehabilitation following injury as well as weight-loss.

Research shows that elite level athletes see about a 3% improvement in performance. The more unfit you are the greater the results.

Option 1 - Altitude Training Consultation: €99

This consultation will offer advice on preparing for an sporting or adventure challenge at altitude, or a planning an altitude training camp, with one of our qualified trainers who has a wealth of knowledge and experience of altitude training.

It is useful for athletes of all levels who are serious about using altitude training to achieve their goals. The consultation will involve a detailed analysis of training plans and advice on implementation of an effective periodised altitude training program with the best expertise available.

An altitude sensitivity test can be included as well as lactate testing, so that the athlete and coach can plan their workouts carefully and know the right pace and intensity to work at while at altitude.


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Option 2 - Mobile Exercise Sessions: from €40

Hypoxic exercise sessions are scientifically proven to enhance athletic performance and provide another dimension to your training. It provides for a more challenging cardiovascular workout and increases metabolism, anabolic and physiological response.

It is ideal for pre-acclimatization, field sports who require extra conditioning, or an injured athlete or player who needs to maintain cardiovascular fitness and physical conditioning while injured.  Just like fitness the more you do, the better you get. We recommend 2 or 3 hypoxic exercise sessions per week for a perdiod of 2-4 week to experience the full benefits.

Mobile altitude exercise sessions are available in the Dublin area at your clubs training facilities.


Individual Training Sessions
Supervised exercise sessions with our Altitude Trainer- €65
Block booking of 6 sessions - €40 per session


Group Training Sessions (Max 4 people per hour)
4 people - €120
Block booking of 6 sessions - €100 per session


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If you would prefer to train from home please visit our Rent Page