Equipment designed to run 24 hours a day,
365 days of the year

We supply commercial simulated altitude equipment to Gyms, Universities, sport institutions and sports teams, allowing any number of people to train or sleep simultaneously in a computer controlled simulated altitude environment. 

Our equipment can produce any amount of hypoxic air to simulate any altitude. The result is a comfortable environment to safely exercise in 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

The professional system is designed to overcome the traditional problems associated with CO2 or humidity build up. We do not seal the room, we feel it is important to flush out old air. A multiple element filter system provides removal of hydrocarbons, odours and 99.9% of particles down to 0.01 micron (exceeds HEPA standard).



We convert existing rooms to your specification or install custom made chambers for any number of people. Add an altitude chamber to provide a well researched training method to boost performance of your members and also improve the bottom line of your gym.


The Altitude Gym at Delta Sports Dome in Limerick - installed by The Altitude Centre Ireland 




Room/Dormitory Systems

Convert any room, corridor, wing or home into an altitude environment flushed with the cleanest air available.

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The National Altitude Training Centre at the University of Limerick - Ireland and the UK's first residential altitude training facility was installed by The Altitude Centre Ireland 

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Research Systems

We install equipment to Universities that can simulate any environment on the Earth. The facilities we install at Universities are either hypoxic, partial environmental or full environmental. We also retro fit existing research chambers to enable them to achieve altitude environments or add later technologies such as mechanical CO2 scrubbers to bring them up to date with modern standards in research.

Partial Environmental

In the world of applied sciences we feel it is important for the subject to be trained in the nicest possible environment. If you are wanting to replicate changing environments, but do not need to go outside of +10C to +40C and 10-90% RH we recommend partial environmental. A partial environmental system is aesthetically nicer to use.

Full Environmental

Our full environmental chambers provide Temperature and Humidity levels controlled with micro-processor precision; relative humidity is maintained at the highest levels in industry with a precision controlled unique "steam Injection" system. Available In three standard sizes and custom designed to meet client's own design specification. Equally important our systems are designed to offer the "ultimate" in control over environmental conditions which can cover -20 to +60C and 5 to 95% RH.

Full Service

We provide a complete service, from design to installation. We don't just stop there. We will also train your staff to become competent in the art of hypoxic training giving you confidence to provide a first class service.

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Our commercial units are custom made so please call for further details.
3 or 5 year lease option available.


  • Contact us for more information on commercial equipment with a full quotation