The Altitude Centre has created an optimal supplementation pack for those going to high altitude, which are available in Ireland.

ALTI-VIT is a unique vitamin formula developed by leading experts to support key body requirements at Altitude.
With ingredients including Siberian Ginseng, Vitamin C, Reishi Mushroom Extract and Ginkgo Biloba, ALTI-VIT is a nutritional altitude supplement supporting oxygen uptake, energy production, immune function and sleep quality. 

A recent study by Dr Hannah Moir from Kingston University showed that Alti-Vit improves exercise performance at altitude and reduces the incidences and severity of AMS. 

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Why take ALTI-VIT?

You've paid your money , you've trained your socks off, you don't want your efforts to have all been in vain. By taking ALTI-VIT both prior to and during your visit to altitude, you will improve your bodies response to the conditions.

How do I take it?

Ideally you would start taking ALTI-VIT a month before your departure so that your body can absorb the nutrients. Take two tablets per day with food prior to departure. Increase to two tablets twice a day on the first day of your ascent.

Can anybody take it?

Pregnant or lactating women or anyone with hypertension or a peptic ulcer should not take ALTI-VIT. If you are under medical supervision you should consult your doctor before taking ALTI-VIT and it is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

If I am taking Diamox can I take ALTI-VIT?

ALTI-VIT can be taken in conjunction with Diamox but we do recommend you talk to your Doctor before using Diamox and complete a trial course of medication before going to the mountains to evaluate the side effects.

What if I am not going to altitude?

ALTI-VIT is a fantastic multivitamin that can also be used as a daily nutritional supplement. So your body will benefit regardless of where you are.

  • ALTI VIT is available for €35.99